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a delicatessen of audio & visual delight 

What is

Nocturnal Cafe provides audio & visual entertainment services for all social, private & corporate affairs. With over 25 years of entertainment experience… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Instead of the same long winded diatribe, we’d rather spend our time creating a unique audio and visual experience for your entertainment needs, blending a mix of live audio and eye-candy visual effects!

Whether your event calls for a soft elegant motif or an all out extravaganza, we will plan, and excute your entertainment vision. Nocturnal Cafe is ready with all you need from DJ's and bands, decorative ambient lighting, atmosphereic effects and visual effects lighting as well as video projection production for those special moments worth sharing!

Nocturnal Cafe's focus is simple… DESIGN, PRODUCE & EXECUTE an amazing experience!

Contact us today and let's start designing your experience!!

Audio & Visual Services

the makings of an experience!

Audio Entertainment

djs & bands

Nocturnal's  DJs are well versed in various styles of music, reading the crowd and taking them on an epic journey.

Our bands cover everything from your jazz trio for cocktail and low key occasions to our high energy 18 piece ensemble. Contact us for more details on our bands.

No matter which option you select, DJ or band, we make it a point to make sure all music selection is just right for your event! Contact us today!

Lighting Design

ambient & visual effect lighting

Bring any event to life with our enhanced lighting design… from our simple yet effective pinspots a way to lend focus on important features, floor to ceiling ambient lights and static gobo projections for adding wash and texture to walls and drapes or highlighting architectual features.

Our custom programmed effects lighting adds excitement to any grand entrance and heightens the excitement on the dace floor!

Contact us today to light up your event!

Video Solutions

digital projection

The excitement of moving pictures! Whether you need to run a corporate presentation, flaunt baby photos of the groom, animate your name, logo or maybe have your guests play a game of pong on the surface of the pool… Nocturnal has video projection solutions for you!

Imagine this… walking into your beautiful designed room and instead of a standard static gobo your intials or logo are animated across an open wall!

Contact us today for video projection solutions!

Atmospheric Effects

hazers, co2 cannons & more

You're probably asking yourself what's atmospheric effects! It's not as simple as saying it's a smoke machine, but rather hazers for adding texture to the atmosphere to help bring suspense or a little drama to effects lighting or even the band.

Add a huge burst of excitement to an otherwise energetic crowd with CO2 cannons or having your first dance moment on a cloud, atmospheric effects is a big plus for any event. Contact us today!

(Please note, not all venues allow hazers)

Entertainment Packages

small or large events, all production is customized for your needs!

Here at Nocturnal Cafe we understand that everyone as a specific budget when planning their event, with that in mind in order to give you an accurate quote, we will need to know all the details to provide you an amazing experience.

Not looking to get too complicated and overwhelmed with options? Listed below are packages for Dj & visual production services which will simplify designing the vibe you envision!

Contact us today so we can customize an experience for your wants and needs!


simply romantic
$ 1420*
when the venue chosen has beautiful asthetics and charm, with pinspots we keep the focus on the important features (e.g.- sweetheart, cake & gift tables)
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 5hrs audio entertainment **
  • 4 area pinspot lighting
  • ($70.00 savings)



delightful ambience
$ 1680*
utiliziation of floor to ceiling ambient lighting and washes, we are able to accentuate columns, walls/draperies as well as spotlighting important features 
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 5hrs audio entertainment **
  • 12  ambient lighting
  • 4 area pinspot lighting
  • ($230.00 savings)


moving & grooving
$ 1950*
ambient lighting to set the mood and programmed effects lighting to enhance any grand entrance and boost the energy of the dance floor (looks amazing in photos)
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 5hrs audio entertainment **
  • 12 ambient lighting
  • Visual effects lighting
  • ($470.00 savings)


all out extravaganza
$ 2750*
let's turn up the volume with visual effects and ambient lighting, atomspheric effects (if allowed by venue) and your name in lights via our digital animated monograms
  • Unlimited consultations
  • 5hrs audio entertainment **
  • 20 ambient lighting
  • Visual effects lighting
  • Digital Monogram*
  • ($500.00 savings)

** All packages include 5hrs DJ services only! For bands please give us a call 818 744 2683 for rates! * Packages come standard with an audio system to comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests. Events requiring extra sound reinforcement, a charge of $75 per 50 guests over 250 will be applied. Packages can also be combined with other services (extra fees may apply).

Should your event require audio amplification for a secondary location, an additional fee of $300.00 will be applied.

What our clients have to say!

a few words, from some of our amazing clients

“Our friends said Keith was the best wedding DJ they've seen and were bummed they already had tied the knot so they couldn't hire him… ha! He handled everything from the ceremony to cockatil hour and even MC-ing through the evening to keep the flow of the party. We constantly are being told what a FUN wedding we had!”

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“Keith was awesome!! He was our DJ for our company Christmas party. He scanned the crowd and nailed the music. He kept us dancing all night. Would not hesitate to hire him again,again,again”

“Keith was amazing! He could not have been more professional and kind. My Wife heard Keith at another wedding, and she knew right away that Keith would be our DJ! He was great about returning emails and phone calls and genuinely cared about our wedding and making sure he could enhance our big day! Without question, use Keith! He is off the charts!.”

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